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All About Guide Pro


What is it?

It's another mobile app, yes.. we know, so unique! No, but really, Guide Pro is more than just an app. It's a marketplace for finding the best rides in the best places: It's the GPS guided map to get you there, it's that trail guru from the local bike shop giving you the scoop on how to ride the best loop in town, it's your source for sorting through the millions of trails to find the best one for you and the best way to ride it. 

How is it different than other apps available?

We don't focus on individual trail specifics, instead we focus on your entire ride from start to finish. You choose your destination, select a collection, find a ride that is right for you and get turn-by-turn directions from start to finish with all the local insight and secrets for maximum enjoyment. No advertisements, no social media, no Strava times. Just great rides. 

Is it free?

Yes and no. The app itself is free to download and the content can be browsed, searched and viewed without spending a penny. Once you have decided on a particular ride or collection of rides, you'll be required to make a small purchase (usually costs less than a breakfast burrito) to enter into the navigation mode. Once you make that purchase, the selected content is forever available to you at any time and if it is ever updated you'll receive those updates automatically at no additional cost. The majority of our content is uniquely crafted by partnering individuals and businesses within the industry and are incentivized to keep their content up to date and accurate. Every purchase goes directly back to the authors that created the content. No crowdsourcing and now data mining, just real, authentic ride recommendations from real people.


We love to travel and ride new places. During which, we have had a range of experiences when it came to figuring out each new trail system. Sometimes it was pretty straight forward and the guesswork added to the fun. Other times we wasted hours of pedaling only to find we missed a turn or were simply overwhelmed with the seemingly endless options. 

We can't always have a local show us the ropes or hire a guide to keep us from getting lost. So we decided to create a community and a place for that information to be passed along. We are selfishly building all of this for ourselves but it won't work unless you come along as well and explore with us. 

When can you have it?

We're aiming for Spring 2020

We have been through multiple iterations of the app and are now working on the the full-scale version that will be available to both iPhone and Android devices. Simultaneously we are recruiting contributors and filling up the database with as much secret sauce as we can get. 

Who is behind this?

We're a seriously small team of avid mountain bikers that share a passion for the sport at what's likely an unhealthy level. We are doing this for the love of great adventures and connecting with amazing individuals. 

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