Launching Guide Pro v2.0

Click here to get it from the App Store

Click here to get it from the App Store

The time has arrived, Guide Pro version 2.0 is available! It's free to download (iPhone only) and for a limited time, our very own mountain bike Guide to Fruita & Grand Junction is also free! 

We are a little late in on our promise to deliver (more info about that here) and we also didn't hit our goal for the amount of content that's currently available; BUT, we are very happy with the product itself and the platform that we have created. 

If you live near the Grand Junction area and are familiar with the rides, let us know what you think! Would you send your friends out on any of these rides? 

If you aren't familiar with the Grand Junction area, then this is an invite to come out and get an all-inclusive look at what we have to offer!